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1792 Tax Roll
for Clark County Kentucky

Submitted by Sandra Burbridge


The surnames beginning with B's and C's were almost unreadable and should not be relied upon without further investigation.

This information was copied from a book in the Clark County Library. I am having a difficult time identifying the source. If you are familar with this book, please send me the correct information so I may give proper credit. I also need a better transcription of the B's and C's.

First Clark Tax Roll
Chapter XI

As is well and widely understood by all who have delved into the early history of Kentucky, the primary interest of the rank and file of the first settlers of the state was the acquistion of land, sometimes and not infrequently, several tracts of land. Accordingly, in an effort to ennumerate and establish as an historical record of immediate and wide availability, the names of the earliest settlers in Clark, there is presented in alphabetical order, the names of the landowners as they appear on the first 1792 tax roll of the county. The orthography? of all names as given on the assessor's list has been closely followed even when it has seemed that misspelling was quite obvious.

Abraham Adams Sen Abasolom Adams Jacob Adams John Adams Simon Adams
John Allen Winifred Allen John Alexander Randall Alexander Randolph Alexander
Thomas Alexander William Alexander Wilson Alexander Benjamine Alderson? Isham Allin
Josiah Allin Agnes Allin Ann Allin James Allin John Allin
See Correction on Allin's
Robert Allin William Allin Jonathan Allington Althius? Anderson James Anderson
Nicholas Anderson Presley Anderson George Angel Hayes Arnet Samuel Arnet
Thomas Arnet James Arthur Levi Ashbrook . .
Obadiah Baber Oliver Badger John Baker Joshua Baker Stanley Baker
Robert Baldridge Anne Ball James Ball John Ball George Burnet
Issac Barnet Jonathan Barnet Andrew Barret John Bartlett Nathan Bartlett
Thomas Buttershall? Daniel Beaty George Edward Bullock Josiah Bullock
John W. Buckner david Bullock Thomas Burris Matthew Bracken James Bracken
James Bradshaw thomas Bradshaw Samuel Bradshaw John Burtram Jr John Burtram Sr
Sarah Bush Ambrose Bush Joseph Bush James Bush John Bush
Francis Bush Captain Phillip Bush W. William Bush William Bush David Bybee
James Bybee James Burger Thomas Burris Sarah brown edward Bullick
David Bullick Caleb Browning Elisa Browning James Browning Washington Berry
William Berry . . . .
Kincaid Caldwell William Caldwell McKnight Calloway Rober Command? John Campbell
Solomon Carter? William Carter Charles Cade Andrew Cartwell? Thomas Cartwell
Alexander Chambers James Chambers James Crawford? William Crawford? Archibald Crawford?
Aaron Croford John Croford Samuel Croford James Crooks Richard Crooks
Henry Cross Ann Crosth?wait Jacob Crosth?wait Rueben Crosthwait Samuel Crosthwait
Daniel Crow John Crow Francis Cullum William Cullum Audley Curt
Ellijah Cushenberry James Cushenberry John Cushenberry . .
James Dale Thomas Dale Peter Daniel Vinson Daniel John Davie
Ash Davies Benjamin Davies Henry Davies Ignathius Davies Joseph Davies
Luke Davies Mathias Davies Septimus Davies Augustus Davis Leonard Davis
William Day Samuel Dell Daniel Dean Samuel Dedman William Dedman
Peter DeWitt Martin DeWitt Abraham Dick Peter Dickson William Dickson
Daniel Dime John Donnally Robert Dough Samuel Douglas James Downing
Samuel Downing Robert Downs Benjamine Drake Daniel Drake Solomon Dumford
John Ducher Benjamine Dunaway Thomas Dunaway Andrew Duncan James Duncan
John Duncan Joseph Duncan William Duncan Jennie Dunham John Dunham
Timothy Dunhan Elij Dushey Jimmie Dushey . .
Jonathan Eaton Samuel Eaton John Edwards Drury Elkin Robert Elkins
Samuel Elkin Zachariah Elkin David Elliot Ellijah Elliot Ralph Elliot
Richard Elliot Thomas Elliot Benjamin Ely William Embry Jonah Embry
Joseph Embry Thomas Embry William Embry James Ewait Stepehen England
Hollis Eubank Richard Eubank William Eubank John Evans Mabie Evans
Samuel Evans Winney Evans William Ewing . .
Elizabeth Farrow William Farrow Anthony Freeland Jacob Fishback Benjamin Fiteworth
Margaret Fiteworth Walter Fitzgearld John Flady Lucy Flemming James Flether (Fletcher?)
Winnery Flether John Flutey John Fobus John Foster Peter Fort
William Forsythe George Fowke James Fowler Joseph Frakes Nahan Frakes
John Fraim William Frame Jr William Frame Sr Moses Fraze James Fraize
William Fraize William French James French William Ferguson William Fulton
James Furnice Hugh Forbush . . .
John Gaff Thomas Gaines John Gains Richard Gammon James Gano
John George Nichols George Whitson George Robert Gill Thomas Gill
Job Glover Thomas Goff James Goforth William Golden Patrick Goodin
John Gow Solomon Gray John Graves William Greathouse Mathias Green
Christopher Greenup James Grey Hetty Graham Anthony Griffin Henry Griffin
Richard Griffin Sr Richard Griffin Jr . . .
Nelson Hackett Richard Haden Samuel Haden Samuel Haden Jr Samuel Haddon
Bartlett Haggard David Haggard James Haggard Nathaniel Haggard Nathaniel Haggard Jr
Aaron Hall Edward Hall John Hall Micajah Hall Richard Hall
Abner Hambleton Benjamin Hambleton James Hambleton John Hambleton John Hammer
David Hampton George Hampton Edward Hanaday Thomas Hanceford Abram Haneley
John Hanely James Hanely Absolom Hanks John Hanks Peter Hanks
William Hanks George Hansley John Hardick Michael Hardick Enos Hardin
Thomas Hardesty Thomas George Harper Jacob Harper John Harper Thomas Harper
Archabel Harris Cornelius Harris Daniel Harris James Harris John Harris
Josaih Harris Robert Harris Thomas Harris William Harris Daniel Harrow
James Harrow Patick Harrow Samuel Harrow James Hartley John Hassell
James Harte John Hart Josiah Hart Peter Hartman John Hasty
Thomas Hatfield David Hathaway Jonathan Hathaway John Havens Abner Hayden
Cahrles Hazelrig Graham Hazelrig James Hazelrig John Hazelrig Joshua Hazelrig
William Hazelrig Jr Rachel Headrick John Henderson Noah Hendrick William Hendrick
John Henry Shadrick Herrin Joel Hickman Richard Hickman William Hicks
James Higgins Jesse Higgins Robert Higgins William Higgins John Higgins
Elizabeth Hill JOhn Hill Leonard Hill William Hill Andrew Hodge
Locust Holde Francis Holder John Holder Stepehn Holloday John Holloway
William Holsey Jonas Howe Andrew Hood John Hood Lewis Hood
John Horton Thomas Horton William Horton Daniel Houson James Hufman
Andrew Hughes David Hughes James Hulse Pul Hulse Uriah Humble
Jonathan Hunt Rebecca Hunter James Hurley Robert Hutcherson .
Stephen Ingland Abram Ingram Uriah Ingram . .
Congrave Jackson Francis Jackson James Jackson Jesse Jackson John Jackson
Josiah Jackson James Jamison John Jamison Tomas Jamison William Jennings
David Johnston Martin Johnston Robert Johnston John Johnston Ambrose Jones
Charles Jones Jmes Jones John Jones William Jones John Juda
Martin Juda Jacob John Judy . . .
Isaac Key Jacob Keethley Isaac Keeton Jacob Keeton William Keeton
Beal Kelley Jesse Kelley John Kelley Mordecal Kelley Thomas Kelley
Stephen Kelley Henry Kelsoe Hopson Kendred James Kidd Andrew Kincaid
David Kincaid Joseph Kincaid Edward Kindred John Kindred William Kindred
Benjamine Kirk Jacob Kisenger . . .
Bandle LaFores James Lambert John Lambert Jr Mathias Lambert Jonathan Lander
Nathaniel Lander William Lander John Lander James Lane Thomas Lankaster
Benjamine Lankford Andrew Lare Jacob Lawson Moses Lay William Ledgerwood
Levi Lee Isaac Lemaster Richard Lemaster Richard Lemaster Jr Vincent Lester
James Lewett William Lewett WilliamLewett Sr Daniel Liles Henry Liles
John Liles William Lilley Levi Lockheart John Lockridge Nathaniel Logan
William Logsden William Lonsdale David Love John Low Daniel Lynch
Pleasant McCan Radford McCargo James McCarty Andrew McClure John McClure
Mary McClure Samuel McClure Mathew McClung John McCoy Patrick McCollum
William McCue Rueben McDaniel Hugh McDermit Hugh McDermit Jr John Mcentosh
Robert McFarland William McGahey James McGee Daniel McGerry James McGill
John McGuire James McIntosh John McKee Francis McKinney William McLee
John McKootie William McLees James McMahan Samuel McMahan Thomas McMahan
Mary McManus Patrick McManus James McMillin Robert McMillin William McMillin
Sarah McMurry Thomas McQueen Aronson McVicar David McVicar .
James Mayfin William Magus Jacob Man Jacob March John Marshall
Arson Martin Azariah Martin Harry Martin Jonathan Martin John Martin
John Martin Sr William Martin James Marrow John Mastin Nellie Maxwell
John Middleton Jonathan Milholand Abram Miller George Miller James Miller
John Miller Moses Mills Thomas Minor William Moffet Thomas Montgomery
George Moor Henry Moore James Moore Robert Moore Samuel Moore
Thomas Moore William Moore Evan Morgan Jesse Morgan John Morgan
John Morgan Jr David Morton Hugh Morton or Martin John Morton Richard Morton
John Mounce Elias Myers William Myers . .
George Nailor Allin Neal Moses Nelsin SAmuel Nelson Thomas Nelson
William Nelson Elias Newkirk John Nisle Thomas Nisle John Noble
Enoch Nox Jesse Nox Moses Nox William Nox .
William Oakley Mastin Ogden John Olate Tyre Oldson Isaac Oliver
John Oliver Richard Oliver John Ourley John Owens Lawrance Owens
Thomas Owens . . . .
James Pannos Robert Parish Edward Parker Ezekeil Parks James Parks
Elizabeth Parlons William Parrish Exekeil Parson Thomas Patrick James Patton
Henry Paugh Jilson Payne William Payne James Peak Frederick Peebler
Michael Peebler Peter Peebler Robert Peebler Curtis Pendleton Rice Pendleton
George Pemberton John Pemberton Thomas Pemberton John Penix John Peoples
Samuel Perry Ebanezar Petty John Petty Ralph Petty Francis Pierce
Lewis Pierce James Pike Thomas Pike John Pleak John Pleak Jr
Joseph Pullium Samuel Plummer James Poague James Poor Jeremaih Poor
Thomas Powell Zephania Pratt Thomas Price George Priest .
James Rafferty Edmond Ragland James Raglin Alexander Ramsey Robert Ramsey
Samuel Ramsey Martha Ratliff Aaron Ray Benjamin Ray Benjamin Ray Jr
John Ray Moses Ray William Ray William Ribelin Ralph Reaburn
David Reaburn Henry Reaburn William Reaburn John Reed Samuel Reed
Arrchibald Reymy Jeremiah Reymy Senet Reymy Daniel Reymy Alexander Rishon
Francis Richards Robert Richards William Richards Alexander Richey George Richey
William Riddle Jonathan Ridgeway Green Rigsburg Cornelius Ringo Henry Ringo
Joseph Ringo Major Ringo Peter Ringo Samuel Ringo William Robeson
Hugh Robinson Jesse Robinson John Robinson William Robinson William Rodgers
John Rodgers William Roe John Romines John Ross William Ross
George Rought Hid Rucker John Rupard William Rush .
William Sade Sylvester Sappinton Battice Scott John Scott Conrod See
John See John Searey Moses Sharp Joseph Sheet Abram Shull
Peter Shull Joseph Simpson David Simmerman Isaac Skinner John Skinner
John Sex John Slater Elijah Smith Enoch Smith Henry Smith
Jacob Smith John Smith Peter Smith Robert Smith Rueben Smith
Robert Smith Samuel Smith Walter Smith William Smith Daniel Snowden
Daniel Soisby William Spires Haddock Spradling Samuel Spurgin Isaac Spurgin
John Spurgin Ezekil Spurgin Joshua Stamper Robert Steel William Steal
Thomas Stapleton James Stephens John Stephens Joseph Stephens Robert Stephens
Thomas Stephens John Stephenson Robert Stephenson Benjamine Stewart Charles Stewart
David Stewart David Stewart Jr Ezekiel Stewart James Stewart John Stillwell
Benjamin Stogsdill Vachel Stogsdill Michael Stone Ruphus Stone John Story
Samuel Streets John Strode Sr John Strode William Stubbing James Suel
John Summer John Summer Jr Samuel Summers Anne Sudduth Jason Sudduth
William Sudduth Patrick Sullivan David Sutherland Frederick Sutherland Lawrence Sydner
John Tatman George Taylor Hubbard Taylor Jonathan Taylor Mary Taylor
Philip Taylor Henry Terrel James Thomas Joseph Thomas Reed Ely Thomas
Mathew Thompson Ezekiel Thurston Samuel Tolbert Garret Townsend James Townsend
John Tansdell Samuel Trebble John Tredway James Trimble William Trimble
Peter Troutman Archibald Turner Joseph Turner William Turpin
Samuel Unsson . . . .
Henry Vandolah Jessey Vandolah Joseph Vandolah Martha Vivion Smith Vivion
John Vice . . . .
Dawson Waid Gawain Wade James Wade Joseph Wade Robert Walker
Robert Wallace James Ward Louis Ware Marsham Ware Jacob Warner
John Warren William Warren Jacob Warwick Fielding Watts George Watt
John Watt Christopher Watts Azariah Watson George Wattle Agustin Webb
James Webb John Webb Julius Webb John Wells John West
D. Benjamin Wheeler Charles White John White Jonathan White Stephen White
William White James Whitesides John Whitesides Joseph Whitesides Samuel Whitesides
William Whitesides Frederick Winters Edward Williams John Williams Raleigh Williams
Samuel Williams William Williams Joseph Williamson Moses Willliamson Richard Willison
Frederick Wills James Wills Jane Wills John Wills Joseph Wills
Matthew Wills Richard Wills Washington Wills William Wills Alexander Wilson
Andrew Wilson James Wilson Joseph Wilson Patrick Wilson Peter Wilson
Thomas Wilson Uriah Wilson Frederick Winters Benjamin Wiser John Wood
Robert Wood John Woodard Jesse Woodruff Phillip Wools Benjamin Wranking
John Wright Joseph Wright . . .
John Yarborough Benjamin Yates Joshua Yates William Yates Exekiel York
Jeremiah York James Young Joseph Young William Young .

Correction courtesy of Marvin Allen, mallen at starkehistory.com

I have photocopied pages from the book "History of Clark County Kentucky". The listing that's up on the Clark County GenWeb site has 6 Allin's that should be Allison's: Agnes, Anne, James, John, Robert and William. The book only has John Allen, Winifred Allen, Isham Allin and Josiah Allin. It lists the others as Allison's. Plus the Clark 1793 tax list shows them as Allison's, as well.

Now speaking of the 1792-1793 Clark tax list, I don't know if you know anything about this or not, but I have never found anything but a 1793 tax list on microfilm. In digging into that, I discovered Clark County was created in late 1792 and "formed" February 1, 1793. I take that to mean it was not an official county with county officers, etc. until February 1793.

The author doesn't give a source for his first tax roll. I'm wondering if he was trying to re-create a 1792 Clark tax list from Bourbon County or if he used the 1793 Clark list as the first one? Or is there some sort of 1792 tax list at the courthouse? I have been to Clark County several times in recent years but never found such a list other than this book. All of this actually makes a difference to me, because my 5th great-grandfather John Allen seems to show up for the first time on this 1792 tax list.



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