Clark County was formed from Bourbon and Fayette in 1792.  The county seat is the city of Winchester.




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Clark County, Kentucky Will Abstracts Will Book - I
Transcribed & submitted by Bonnie Snow
Source: Will Records of Clark County, Kentucky by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry

Isaac Baker
To Elizabeth Walker. To McFarling. To Miriam Baker, daughter of John. My brothers, John and Joshua, Exe. Written: 24 Sept. 1792. Witnesses: Samuel Plummer, Robert McDanniel, and James Huls. Probated: 26 March 1793

Martha Boone
My sons, George and Joseph. My daughters, Charity Ellsay, Sarah Hunter and her son, Joseph. My daughters, Jane Morgan and Mary Sholl. Written: 12 May 1793. Witnesses: William Creyerap and John Stilwell. Probated: 23 July 1793

William Ledgerwood
Of Fayette County. My wife, Rebecca. My daughters, Isabel, Mary, Rebeccah, and Margret. My sons, James and Samuel, Exe. Written: 28 January, 1794. Witnesses: James McMillian, R. McMillian, and Allen Neel. Probated: 28 January, 1794

Zachariah Bunch
My sons, Henry and Clark. My daughters, Milly, Mourning, Anna, and Lucy. My wife, Taby. Written: 3 April, 1794. Witnesses: John Summers, Sr., Peter Dewitt, Jr., and Peter Dewitt, Sr. Probated: 26 August, 1794

James Towmin
My wife. My son, Garrett, land in Madison County. Witnesses: Peter Goosey, Caleb Ware, and Benjamin Dunnaway. Probated: 23 December, 1794

Gary Emmet
My son-in-law, John Gordin. My granddaughter, Anna Stone. Written: 20 March, 1795. Witnesses: Daniel Ramsey, William Kindred, and Amelee Dounes.

Patrick O'Harrow
My nephew, Patrick O'Harrow, son of John. Simon Adams and John O'Harrow, Exe. Written: 1 July, 1795. Witnesses: John Williams, Mary Anna Oharrah, and Malcolm Wood. Probated: 28 July, 1795

Francis W. Wills
My wife, Francis. My daughter, Sarah. My sons, William, John, Richard, and Derret. John Wills, my son, and Luck Hood, my son-in-law, Exe. Probated: 26 January, 1796

Daniel O'Harrow
My sons, Daniel, Samuel, William, Charles, John, and James. My daughter, Sarah. To Daniel Hackett, son of Nelson and Elizabeth. To Daniel O'Harrow, son of William. To Daniel O'Harrow, son of James. To Daniel O'Harrow, son of John. My friends, James Guy and Samuel O'Harrow, Exe. Written: 12 August, 1795. Witnesses: William Suddett and Samuel Arnett. Probated: 22 December, 1795

Charles Hazelrigg
My eldest brother, John. Nancy Clement, daughter of Sarah. To Green and Fielding Clement, sons of Sarah. To Charles Oldfield, son of Sarah Hatton. Graham Nelson, son of Elizabeth Isaac. Houlbert and Graham Hazelrigg, Exe. Written: 19 October, 1795. Witnesses: George Winn, Lawrence Daly, and Thomas Winn. Probated: 26 April, 1796

Joseph Smith
My spouse, Nancy. My children. Written: 28 November, 1795. Witnesses: Samuel Holmes, Enoch Smith, Mary E. Smith, and Aaron Green. Probated: 28 June, 1796

John McPheeters
My wife, Elizabeth. My son, Charles. My daughters, Mary, Sarah, and Jenney. Charles McPheeters, my wife, James Crawford and William McPheeters, Exe. Written: 29 October, 1796. Witnesses: James Wardlow, James Wardlow, Jr., and Martha Wardlow. Probated: 27 December, 1796

James Cheatham
My eldest son, James. My only daughter, Polly. My sons, Edmond and John Thomas Dawson and Thomas Scott, Exe. Written: 12 October, 1796. Witnesses: William Knox, Jeshua Stampes, and William Hill. Probated: 27 December, 1796

Jacob Embree
My brothers, William and Thomas trustees and Exe. Written: 23 February, 1797. Witnesses: Michael Stover and Joseph Embree. Probated: 25 July, 1797

Thomas Harris
My wife, Mary, Exe. My sons, Joshua and Galeb. Written: 9 March, 1793. Witnesses: Daniel Ramey, James McMachan, and William Bush. Probated: 22 August, 1797

Henry Hukel
My sons, James Forster, and Henry Brenard, In the hands of Harmon Forster, state of Maryland. My wife, Elizabeth, Exe. Written: 4 March, 1798. Witnesses: Thomas Owen, Richard Hukel, and Edward Roberts. Probated: 24 July, 1798

Andrew McClure
My sons, John, Samuel, and Andrew. My daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret. James McMullan, Wilburn Ralston, and John McClure, Exe. Written: 28 June, 1798. Witnesses: George Ritchee, James McMilian. Probated: 25 December, 1798

Jane Richie
My sons, Alexander and George. My two married daughters, my daughter, Vilotte. My sons and James Cardwell, Exe. Witnesses: Probated: May, 1799

Robert Lewis
To Frank Chloe and Phyllis. To John Lewis Martin. To Joseph Taylor Martin. To Robert B. Martin. To John S. Martin. To Joseph T. Martin. To Robert B. Martin. To Sally Roland, daughter of Thomas Polly Lewis, daughter of Jesse Lewis, in Albermarle. The two eldest sons of my brother Jno. Lewis. The two eldest sons of my brother Henry Lewis. To Polly Lewis, daughter of my brother Jesse Lewis. Jacob Fishback, Jno. Martin, Jno. S. Martin, and James Q. Martin, Exe. Written: 20 February, 1799. Witnesses: Jno. Martin, Jno. Fishback, Thomas Martin, and Mathew Anderson. Probated: 24 February, 1799

Daniel Swaney
My wife, Sarah. My sons, William, John, Samuel, Robert, and James. My daughters, Elisabeth Green, Sarah Turner, Mary, and Cathen. My wife and son, James, Exe. Written: 24 May, 1799. Witnesses: David Scott, James McLoland, Paul Hoff, Richard Wharton, George Sharp, Thomas H. Moreland, and Richard Whatton. Probated: November, 1799

James McMillan
My daughter, Elizabeth. My sons, Robert, James, John, and William. To John Ricky and my grandson, James. My daughter, Mary. Written: 23 January, 1793. Witnesses: Jacob Armstrong and Elias Browning. Probated: October, 1799

George Waddle
My sons, John, Daniel, George, and William. My daughters, Betsy, Nancy, Becky, Peggy, Susanna, Mary, and Sarah. My wife, Mary, and sons, John and David, Exe. Witnesses: John Baker and Peter Scholl. Probated: May, 1800

John Bledsoe
My daughters, Elizabeth Adams and Sally. My sons, Thomas, Lewis, William, and John. My wife. Thomas Purrus, Sr. and Dillard Collier, Exe. Written: 26 December, 1799. Witnesses: James Duncan, William Callaway, and John Williams. Probated: July, 1800

Martha Downey
My sons, Samuel and William. My daughters, Marian, Rebecah, Janet, Margret, Elizabeth, and Rachel. Written: 20 January, 1801. Witnesses: John Stevinson, Samuel Stevison, and Reason Beall. Probated: January, 1801

Archibald Edmontson
My wife, Sindy. My sons, James and Thomas. My daughters, Patsey, Polley, Suckey, Margery, and Debby Jordain. My wife and Aron Lacklen, Exe. Written: 3 November, 1800. Witnesses: W. McMillan, and Azariah Prather. Probated: March, 1801

Peter Noe
My wife, Mary. My eldest son, James. To Pryor. My daughters, Sarah Treacy, Libba Tracey, Elizabeth Kineade, and Abytha Noe. My wife and James Noe, Exe. Written: 16 January, 1802. Witnesses: Samuel McKee, Paul Huls, and Joseph Clark. Probated: 22 November, 1802

Vivion Daniel
My daughter, Margaret, plantation where John Daniel now lives. My son, Peter. My friend, George Quesenberry who married my daughter, Jane. To my daughter, Frances Deale's three children - Elizabeth, Daniel, and Janette, wife of John Deal. My daughter, Nancy Oldham. My son, John. My wife, Nancy, D. Collins and David Bullock, Exe. Written: 21 June 1802. Witnesses: Robert Steel, Isabelle Steel, and Samuel Steel. Probated: 7 February 1803

Baptist Scott
My oldest son, Robert. My second son, George. My oldest daughter, Sally Scott. My sons: Levi, Elisha, and Elijah. My daughter, Kesiah. My wife, Nancy. My youngest son, Baptist. To John Fauquor. My wife, Dillard Collins and Edward Hockaday, Exe. Written: 5 December 1801. Witnesses: Edward Summers, Philip Ballew, and Nancy Stripling. Probated: May, 1803

John Baker
My sons: Joshua, John, Isaac Shelby, and Cutherbert Bulitte. My daughters: Marion, Elizabeth, Nancy, Cythe ... land in Washington County. James Sympson and Thomas Scott, Exe. Written: 11 March 1803. Probated: May 1803

Mathew Patton
My sons: Matthew, Roger, William, Exe. My wife, Written: 2 May 1803. Witnesses: Richard Arrosmith, Thomas Goff, and Z. Black. Probated: 6 June 1803

Jonathan Taylor
I have given all I intend to to my married children. My nephew, George G. Taylor. My wife and my unmarried children. My son, George. My brother, Francis. My wife and sons, William and George, Exe. Written: February 1802. Witnesses: Thomas Martin, Phebe Fishback, and Hannah Taylor. Probated: 5 September 1803

Jonathan White
My sons: John, Francis, William, Richard, and Daniel. My daughters: Elizabeth, Polly, Susana, and Nancy. My wife, Elizabeth Written: 14 November 1802. Witnesses: Andrew Hardy, Rawley Corbin, and Moses Scott. Probated: 5 December 1803

Francis McGuire
My children: Sophia, John, Caleb, Richard, Lydia, Fanny, Kitty, and Betsy. Written: 28 November 1803. Witnesses: Margaret Callaway, Theodore Combs, and Eliza Callaway. Probated: February 1804

John Gorden
Of the County of Goochland. My wife, Judith. My children: Elizabeth, Mary, John, Lucy, Judith, William, Frances, Nancy, and Bonjamin. My sons, John and William, Exe. Written: 18 July 1803. Witnesses: David Utley, John Utley, and Josiah Woodson. Probated: 3 November, 1803 Goochland Co., VA. Probated: May 1804, Clark County, KY


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