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Clark County, Kentucky Will Abstracts Will Book - II
Transcribed & submitted by Bonnie Snow
Source: Will Records of Clark County, Kentucky by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry

Joseph Wright
My wife, Frances. My sons: John, William, and Francis. My daughters: Nancy Johnson and Isabel Miller. My daughters: Frances Hazelrigg, Elizabeth Penill. My wife and son, John, and Joshua Hazelrigg, Exe. Written: 16 May 1804. Witnesses: D. Hampton and Samuel Reed and Joseph Reed. Probated: 27 August 1804

James Bodkins
My wife, Delilah. My sons: George, John, Thomas, William, and James. Son, George, Exe., land I bought of Col. John Payne. My daughters: Margaret Benslon, Sarah Barnor, Rachel Duglas, and Betsy Mary Ginna Wise.

William Wills
My wife, Elizabeth. My daughters: Margaret, Mary Baldwin, and Jane Dunlap. My sons: John, William, Mathew, and James. James and Mathew, my sons, Exe. Written: 13 June 1803. Witnesses: John Quisenberry, Aaron Quisenberry, and James Keys. Probated: 23 September 1805

Charles Darnel
My children: Amiel, Dillard, and Polly. My wife, Nancy. My brother, Jesse, Exe. Written: 24 November 1805. Witnesses: Henry Darnel, Boverly Darnel, James Darnel, and Lewis Bledsoe. Probated: 23 December 1805

Jonathan Wright
My wife, Elizabeth, Exe. My daughter, Amy Pool and her four children. To Gemimina Waterman. My grandson, Jonathan Waterman. Written: 8 June 1803. Witnesses: William Morris and Harrison Jacob. Probated: 27 January 1806

Daniel Ramey
My wife, Rachel. My son, James. To Daniel Wood. My grandson James, son of Daniel, my son. Written: January 1806. Witnesses: Elizabeth Haggard, Alexander Anderson, and Samuel Reed - 24 March 1806

Allen Neel
My wife, Nancy. My son, William. My children. My son, William, my wife, and Zacariah Elikin, Exe. Written: 4 June 1806. Witnesses: Robert McMillion, Robert Ellkins, and Thos. Burrus. Probated: 23 June 1806

Landee Richardson
William Roberts, Jessamine County, Attorney to investigate my land holdings in that county in the name of Hiram Harrison. My grandson, James Richardson, son of William, dec. My son, Francis. My daughter, Nancy W. Payne, w. of Jesse. My daughter, Martha Biggers. My son, James .... reserving one part for the heirs of Edward Cory, dec. My daughter, Sarah Harrison. My grandson Landee, son of Robert Richardson, dec.; his mother Mary at present resides. My wife, Sarah, son, Francis, and Benjamin Taul, Exe. Written: 7 February 1805. Witnesses: Stephen Duoly, William Ralston, James J. Welch.

Nathaniel Haggard
My wife, Elizabeth. My sons: Nathaniel, John, James, David, and Bartlett. My children. To Hennary Haggard. To my daughters: Mary Kindred, Jane Jentry, and Elizabeth Kindred. My wife and sons, Exe. Written: 16 July 1800. Witnesses: Allen Neel and Robert Ellkin. Probated: 25 August 1806

Robert Clarke
My wife, Betsy. My daughters: Patsy Gest and Polly Clark My sons: Robert and Patterson. My brother, James guardian of Patterson. My daughters: Susan Pickett and Nancy Irwin. My wife, William Smith, and James Clark, Exe. Written: 13 December 1806. Witnesses: James Clark, Zachariah Field, and Judith Campbell. Probated: 26 January 1807. Written: 8 August 1804. Witnesses: William Morris, Mathew Patton, and John Patton. Probated: 27 August 1804

Samuel Ewing
27 September 1804. My wife, Eleanor. To Mary Halsy, dau. of my brother, William Ewing, dec. Patrick Gelaspe, son of William. Eleanor and Nancy Nunley, daughters of Buckner. William Gilaspe, William Robinson, Jr., Exe. Witnesses: John Lyle and James Kenney. Written: 27 September 1804. Probated: 24 February 1805

William Petty
Wife, Lettis. My youngest son, Thomas. My sons: Francis, (Za?)chariah, William, Randell, John, and James. My daughters: Rheda Cast, Elizabeth Dodson, Rachel Russell, Hannah Ward, and Sarah Stevens. My wife and son, Thomas, Exe. Written: 1 May 1804. Witnesses: Charles and Sarah Tracy. Probated: 27 May 1805

Richard Evans
My children: Mabery, Mary Waddell, Elizabeth Stinson, Susannah Waddell, James, and Ann Rall. Sarah Evans, my youngest daughter. Written: Witnesses: Paul K(? ?)le, Robert Walker, and John Huls. Probated: 27 May 1805

John Strode , Sr.
My wife, Molly. My daughter, Nelley Lefferty. My children. My son, John and Thos. Lafferty, Exe. Written: 23 April 1805. Witnesses: James Sympson, John Warren, and Maxmillian Bowman. Probated: 26 August 1805

James Bristow
My sons: John, Gideon, James, Archibald. My wife, Margaret. Written: 12 March 1804. Witnesses: Tho. Wornall, John Donaldson, and Tho.Gist. Probated: 22 June 1807

Edwin Hockaday
My wife, Martha. My daughters: Batsey Irwine and Martha Shackleford. My sons: Isaac, Edmond, and John. My son in laws, William Irvine, Isaac Hockaday, and George Shackleford, Exe. Written: 6 October 1807. Witnesses: Robert Didlake. Probated: 28 December 1807

William Alridge
My sons: Nicholas and William. My daughters: Sarah, Mary Woosley, wife of Thomas; and Rebecak Cook My wife, Mary. To Sarah, daughter of Nicholas Aldridge; William, son of William Aldridge; William Belware, son of Thomas; Mary, wife of Thomas Woolsey; Rebecak Cook, daughter of my daughter, Mary Balware. David Hampton, Exe. Written: 12 August 1807. Witnesses: Nathan Tucker, Freemin Cattershell, and Archibald Cooper. Probated: 28 December 1807

William Parrish
My wife, Susanna. My children. Edmond Hockaday, Sr., Robert Dedlake, Isaac Hockaday of Clarke County and my son, James Parrish of Madison when he becomes of age, Exe. Written: 9 March 1805. Probated: 28 December 1807

John Alexander
My son, Andrew My daughters: Prudence Todd and Polly Alexander To John Alexander McCoy, son of John and Mary Stephen Trigg and John Oldham, Exe. Written: 29 September 1807 Witnesses: John Kelly, James M. Moore, and Thomas Trebble Probated: 28 December 1807

Jacob Crosthwait
My son Samuel. To John Irelan and Eleanor, his wife - Aron Crosthwait, her former husband. My children and my four grand-children: Brockman Crosthwait, Elizabeth Crosthwait, Asa Crosthwait, and Aaron Crosthwait. Elijah Crosthwait and John Coon, Exe. Written: 18 March 1803. Witnesses: James Sympson and Ellis Spellman. Probated: 28 December 1807

John McGuire
My sons: William and Edward, Exe. My son, Willis. My daughter, Betsy. My grand-daughter, Betsy Taylor. To Polly Baxter for the support of her two children. Written: 30 December 1807. Witnesses: Thos. Berry, Son., John Rankins, and Thomas Berry, Sr. . Probated: 22 February 1808

James Box
My stepson, William Boyle. My step-daughter, Prudy Suthan. My wife, Mary. Written: 21 September 1806. Witnesses: David McGee and Joseph King. Probated: 28 March 1808

Thomas Arnett
My sons: Jacob, Thomas, and Samuel, Exe. My daughters: Nancy, Elizabeth, and Sally. Rachel and Polly, daughters of my son, Abijah, dec. My wife, Sarah .... money due us from Mother Anderson. Written: 9 July 1807. Witnesses: Jacob Dawson and Abigail Dawson. Probated: 23 May 1808

Julius Christy
My sons: John, Ambrose, George, James, and Samuel My daughters: Elizabeth Glass, Ann Lindsey, Frances Carr, Sarah Davis, and Agatha Keterly. Ambrose, my son, Exe. Written: 5 December 1805. Witnesses: N. Murphy, Mary Murphy, and Sarah Day. Probated: 25 July 1808

John Richardson
My wife, Betsey, Exe. My children. Written: 21 March 1808. Witnesses: William and Polly Richardson. Probated: 22 August 1808

John Hill
My wife, Elizabeth and John, my son, Exe. My sons: John, William, and Garland. My son in laws: Richard Empson, Mathan Martin, and Josiah Ashley. My daughter, Lucy. Written: 21 August 1804. Witnesses: James Sympson, John McClure, Peter Clawson. Probated: 21 August 1804

Sarah Owsley
My daughter, Nancy, Exe. Written: 5 August 1808. Witnesses: James P. Bullock and Ann Brooks - 24 November 1808

Ann Taylor
My daughters: Sally and Betsey. My sons: Neddy, Gibson, George, and William. My sons, William and George, Exe.
Written: 1 September 1808. Witnesses: Jacob Fishback, Ed Callaway, and U. Tayler. Probated: 27 February 1809

John Tuttle
My sons: John, James, William, Benjamin, and Henry. My daughters: Clarky and Elizabeth. My wife. John Newland, Exe. Written: 5 December 1808. Witnesses: Peter Goosey, Sr. and Sally Gravy. Probated: 27 February 1809

Mary M. Coats
My sister, Ann Elgin. My brothers. Walter Sotherl and son, Thomas. The daughters of my brothers Frederick, Walter, John, David, Enos and my sister Ann Elgins' daughter. To Sarah Sotherland, w. of my brother, Walter. My brother, John Setherland, Exe. Written: 7 March 1809. Witnesses: Thomas Constant, John Constant. Probated: August 1809

Thomas Patrick
My wife, Sally. To Lavina Prazier and her daughter, Peggy. My son, Bryon. My children: William, Enoch, Polly, John, Thomas, and Bryon. Written: 22 April 1809. Witnesses: Peter Goosey, Jr. and Isaac Oliver. Probated: 28 August 1809

William Jones
My wife, Polly. My sons: Elijah and William. My daughter, Lucy. My grandson, Alexander James. My wife and William, my son, Exe. Written: 8 May 1809. Witnesses: William Wayman, Jacob Fishback, and Phebe Fishback. Probated: 28 August 1809


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