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Will of Sally Ann Moreland
Posted by Jen Bawden on Sat, 07 Nov 1998


In Calling to mind the mortality of my body, I Sally Ann Moreland being in my proper mind and having a desire to provide for the maintenance of my infant daughter Rhoda Ann, I make this my last Will and Testament, and first to my beloved and above named daughter, and be it understood that I wish my beloved mother to have my child and keep it of age.

If my mother should live so long and if she should not live till it is 21 years of age I wish my brother Elijah Moreland to take my child and to educate it and in all things to act the part of legal Guardian, and in that case to sell my part of the tract of land where my brother Washington now lives, and appropriate to the raising and education my child at his discretion and if my child should not live to need the benefit of the land, I wish my part of it to be equally divided between my brothers Elijah Moreland and Enoch Moreland and I do hereby empower or authorize my brother Elijah Moreland to make my part of the deed to the land that was sold as the property of the heirs, jointly sold to John Hawkins.

Sally Ann Moreland

This 16th May 1843

Signed in the presense of George Roberts and McArthur Wright


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