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The Will of Joseph Wright
Submitted by Jim G. Faulconer

Joseph Wright's will was written and proved in 1804 in Clark County:

In the Name of God Amen I Joseph Right of Clark County and State of Kentuckybeing in perfect health sound mind and memory thanks be to Almighty God,and calling to mind the mortality of the Body, and that all flesh must pay the due when it shall please God to call. Do make Constitute ordain and Declare this my last Will and Testiment. And Disallowing by these presents all and Every Testiment or Testiments Will or Wills heretofore by me made and this to be taken only for my last Will and Testiment and none other, last of all I commit unto almighty God my Soul who gave it me, and my body to the Dust, to be buried at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named and now for the letting of my Temporal Estate and such goods as God has blest me with.

In do order give and dispose the same in the following manner that is to say, first I will that all my just debts shall be paid as also I give and bequeath to my Beloved Wife Frances Wright all the money or cash that I have and that is owing me.

Item my Desire is that my Beloved Wife Frances Wright have the use of the rest of the whole of my Estate during her widowhood.

Item then I give to my son John Right one Hundred and five acres of land Bounded as follows. Beginning at my begining within nine poles of the Fore mile Creek thence to 45 W. 220 poles to a hickory Thence South 136 poles to a Redbud hickory & white oak saplin thence South 45 East 139 poles to the Begining also five acres to be laid off in a square including the top of a high hill and adjoining the aforesd one hundred and five acres on the south E line begining so as to include the top of a high hill that lieth front of the Door of the house that I now live in the aforesd one hundred and five acres to include the plantation whereon I now live also to include a small plantation lying a south East Direction from the aforesd plantation. I

Item I also give to my son John Right one Negroe woman named Grace and one Negroe boy named James and Negro boy named Jesse and also gives to my son John Right all my wearing apparrel and all my utentials belonging to my farm such as saw plows hoes axes awgers with all my tools of every kind.

Item I give to my daughter Nancy Johnson one hundred and one acres of land bounded as follows. Begining at two redbuds and white oak on Bushes line thence south 45 W 160 poles to a popeler and sugar tree thence S 45 E 88 poles to two sugartrees thence N 45 East 62 poles to a branch and with said branch N East 40 poles to a sugartree and hickory thence 18 East 120 poles to a sugartree or hickory then west along Bushes line to the begining. Also three acres that is planted in peach trees for three acres at my old sugar camp to be taken out of the aforsd one hundred and one acres of Nancy Johnsons. I give to my daughter Frances Hazelrigg sixty one and half acres of land bounded as follows. Begining on my south E. line at Nancy Johnsons South corner on two sugartrees thence south 45 E. 80 poles to a beach and two sugartrees thence North 45 East 135 poles to a white oak sugar tree and ash thence N 45 West 73 poles to two white oachs on Johnsons line thence south 18 west with Johnsons line 36 poles to a sugar tree and hickory thence south 65 west 40 poles to sugar tree on the bank of a branch thence south 45 West 62 poles to the begining. I also give to my daughter Frances Hazelrigg one Nagroe garle named Vecy.

Item I give the remainder of said tract of land to my son William Wright.

Item I give to my son Francis Wright a legacy of one Cow worth three pound.

Item I give to my daughter Elizabeth Penill one cow to be worth three pounds. I give to my daughter Isbell Miller one Negroe woman named Milley.

Item the remainder of my estate to be equally divided amongst all my Children that is living at my death and lastly I constitute and appoint ordain my wife Frances Wright my son John Right and Joshua Hazelrigg executors of this my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Sixteen Day of May one thousand eight hundred and fore.
Signed Sealed and Joseph Wright
acknowledged in presents of
D. Hampton
Samuel Reed
Joseph Reed

The above will was proved in the Clark County Court on August 27, 1804. (Will Book 2, pages 1-6) The estate was inventoried by his executors on September 6, 1804, and it took three pages to list his considerable possessions. (WB 2, pp. 17-20) Then, over the next five years, four sales were held and recorded:

15 October 1804. Purchasers included Martin Johnston and John Brock. (WB 2, p. 21)

26 September 1806. Purchasers included Martin Johnston, William Wright, Jr. and John Brock. (WB 2, p. 219)

23 January 1808., Purchasers included Joshua Hazelrigg and John Wright. (WB 2, p. 308)

20 January 1809. A few items were sold to William Wright and Martin Johnston.

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