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Lowrey/Lowry Wills

Submitted by Pat Merrill Helton,


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Thomas Lowry's Last Will and Testament
Clark County, Kentucky Courthouse,
Wills, Inventories and Settlements, Book 11.
In the name of God Amen I Thomas Lowrey of the County of Clark and State of Kentucky being in perfect health and as usual in mind and calling to mind the uncertainty of human life And desiring to dispose of all such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to ___ with, I give and bequeath the same in manner following that is to say I do bequeath unto my beloved wife Nancy Lowrey all of my estate both real and personal out of which she is to pay all of my just debts and funeral expenses, and she is to hold the same during her natural life free from any claim of my children as heir ship and at her death the hole of my estate if any be left is to be divided equally amongst all of my children, and and lastly I do constitute and appoint my friend Pleasant Bush as my executor of this my last will and testaments hear by revoking all other or former will  ___ ___ ___ In so much I have hereunto set my hand and fixed my seal this 21st day of April 1841.

Pleasant Bush
Jane Bush


James Lowry Last Will & Testament 
Clark Co., Kentucky

          I will writ my will as want it. I set a side all the wills ever writ or had writ as dead null and void The will I made to Thomas Adams and his wife Mary Adams his wife is not my will, that the said Thomas Adams and Mary Adams his wife shall have one cent of my estate, neither land nor money when I decease this life. I will all my land sold that I own in Clark County Kentucky and when the money is collected for the same land and notes I will name then who I want to have my money and now one else. I will George Hayden tow hundred dollars, will my sister Ann Osburn two hundred dollars.
          I will Edd Slaughter five hundred dollars. I will Nicholas Merrill fifty dollars. I will my sister Soffie one hundred dollars. I will Nancy Lowry wife of William Lowry fifty dollars, when all is paid of above name I will the balance when all is paid of above to my brother Lud Lowrys children has a ___ right to do what he plese with his own. I will my bed and stead and piless and all my house hold goods to Edd Slaughter. I will my horse to James Lowry a son Lud Lowry, but Thomas Adams and Mary Adams his wife clear out of my will. The will made to Thomas Adams and Mary Adams his wife is null and void. This is my last will and testament this first day of June 1882

James Lowry. His will

James (X his mark) Lowry

Attest:        Henry Ecton
                   Dillard (X him mark) Ecton

August 27, 1885          Attest : Anwarda Moohu  Wm Birch
I appoint h C. Heart executor of Will ___
Clark County Court, Sept Term 1885 } Sept 28 1885

The paper purporting to be the last will and testament of James Lowrey decd, was this day produced in open court and ordered to be filed and continued for probate until the 6th day of Oct. 1885.
A copy. Attest               Jesse E. Gordon            Clerk

Clark County Court   Sept Term 1885}            Oct. 6th
          The paper purporting to be the last will and testament of James Lowrey decd, was again produced in Court and fully proven according to law by the oaths of Henry Ecton and Dillard Ecton subscribing witnesses thereto, The codicil thereto attached was fully proven according to law by the oaths of Wm Birch and Anwarda Moohu subscribing  witnesses to said codicil. Whereupon said will and codicil to said will is established and adjudged by the Court to be the true last will and testament of James Lowry deceased and ordered to be recorded as such.

A copy attest

Jesse E Gordon Clerk


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