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Last Will and Testament
of William Tuggle

Submitted by Coral Babb

[William Tuggle's will is dated 11 January 1834 and is in Will Book 8 p211 in the Clark Co, KY courthouse.]

"My will is that my just debts be paid and I will to my beloved wife Nancy the land and premises whereon I now live to hold and enjoy during her life. I also will to my wife three of my Negroes to hold the possessions of until her death, namely Jacob, a Negro boy, and Cauder and Clay, two Negroes, also all my household furniture, and as much of the stock of every kind as she may think proper to take, the balance, if any, to be sold by Exors on a credit of 12 months. I also will to my beloved wife $200.00. I will to my grandchildren born of my dec'd daughter Betsy Lane,formerly Betsy Tuggle $355.00. I will to my grandchildren, children of my daughter Polly Emerson and William Emerson dec'd $386.00. I will to my son Charles Tuggle $345,00. I will to my son and daughter James and Nancy Emerson, late Nancy Tuggle $300. I will to my son John Tuggle 512.00. I will to son William Tuggle $300.00. I will to my daughter, Milly Rout, and her children by Richard Rout, her dec'd husband, $600.00. I will to my son-in-law Edward Railsback and my daughter Fanny Railsback, late Fanny Tuggle, the plantation whereon they live with the land and appurtenances for the consideration of $800.00. I will to my son Thomas A. Tuggle $420.00. I will to my son James Tuggle $460.00.

My will is that all my children shall hold the above named proportions in the way of advancement and any lesser portion than $800.00 to Edward Railsback shall be made up equal to the sum of $800.00 out of my estate at or before the death of my beloved wife Nancy as soon as my Exors can sell and make equalities amongst all my children agreeable to this will, considering my grandchildren of Lane and Rout as each one an heir by the family, and after equality is made the balance of my estate to be divided equally between my 10 children.

My will is that the land and plantation whereon my son
*John Tuggle now lives be sold at my death on a credit of 12 months. The land and plantation whereon I now live shall be sold in like manner at the death of my beloved wife Nancy. My will is that my son William Tuggle shall have my Negro boy Tom at his value. The balance of my Negroes, shall be sold at my death on a credit of 12 months except the Negroes willed to my wife aforesaid and their increase. At the death of my wife I will that all stock, goods and chattels be sold and subject to equal distribution between my 10 children. My will is that my two old Negroes shall be maintained out of my estate; and lastly I constitute and appoint David Hampton and Achilles Tuggle Exors."

*John Tuggle is the father of Mildred Jane Tuggle Groves

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