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Daniel Family
Submitted by
Diane Hitchcock-Owens
The Daniel family originated in England. William Daniel, Sr., the founder of the Daniel family in Middlesex County, Virginia, in 1660, was born in 1630 in England. He and his family sailed from England or Scotland with a Robert Smith circa the 1660's.

At this point the first wife of William Daniel Sr. is unknown. William was married a second time to Jochobed Smith, 1676, in England, daughter of John and Margaret Smith. Jochobed Smith was born in England about 1646 and died between 1694 and 1698 in Middlesex County, Virginia.

This family descends through two of William's sons, (1) William, by his first wife and (2) James, by Jochobed Smith.

Captain William Daniel
William's Sr. son, Captain William Daniel, was born in 1664 in Middlesex County, Virginia. He was referred to as Captain. The Captain and his family were part of the Royalist Gentry Slave Plantation Society of Virginia. He served as under sherif” in the county. His plantation was known as Jemeco. Captain William Daniel married Constance Vause/Vaux on July 24, 1686. Constance was born about 1670 and died before 1702.

Captain William's second wife was Mary Moseley, daughter of Marvel Moseley and Sarah Blaise. They were married in 1702. Mary was born about 1685 and died on March 26, 1719.

Captain William Daniel, was paid in the form of a land patent in 1672 in Middlesex County, Virginia, 115 acres for the transportation of three persons. He appears in the records of Christ Church Parish Register with the birth of a son, Richard Daniel, on September 30, 1678. William died May 29, 1723 in Middlesex County, Virginia.

The Moseley family descends from George Moseley and Martha Brasseur. Their son was Marvel Moseley. Marvel Moseley was one of the original immigrants to Virginia. On February 8, 1680, he bought 100 acres of land on White Oak Swamp from Thomas Chowning. There is a record for Marvel Moseley on the rent rolls in 1704 Middlesex County, Virginia, showing he owned 225 acres. Essex and Middlesex County Moseleys both called their lands White Oak Swamp.

In 1677 he received 780 acres in Stafford County, Virginia, for transporting sixteen people, one of which was his son, Marvel Moseley. Marvel Moseley married Sarah Blaise. They raised Sarah's brother, James Blaise, when Sarah's father died. During the Revolutionary War Marvel furnished corn for the colonial militia. Marvel became a rather large land owner in Middlesex County, Virginia. He is reported to have married three times.

Robert Daniel
Robert Daniel, son of William Daniel and Mary Moseley, married Elizabeth Carter. Robert and his brother, William Daniel, were merchants at Urbanna in Middlesex County, Virginia. Their nephew, James Daniel, also was part of their business.

The Carter family descends from William Carter and may be related to “King” Carter. These people were also residing in the same area as the Washington, Jefferson, etc. families.

Robert and Elizabeth (Carter) Daniel were the parents of Christopher Daniel.

James Daniel
 James Daniel, son of William Daniel and Jochobed Smith was born about 1680 in Middlesex County, Virginia. He died in 1748 in Middlesex County, Virginia. James married Margaret Vivion on January 27, 1703 in Middlesex County, Virginia, daughter of John Vivion and Margaret Smith and granddaughter of Thomas Vivion.

In the late 1700's the Daniel family left Virginia and moved into eastern Kentucky. Vivion Daniel, son of (1) James Daniel and Margaret Vivion moved to Clark County, Kentucky.

Christopher Daniel and James Daniel, grandsons of (2) Captain William Daniel, moved to Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Their descendants continued west into Kentucky in the late 1700's.

James Daniel (son of James)
James Daniel married Elizabeth Montague. All of their children went to Kentucky, except their son, Peter, who remained in Virginia. Their son Henry Daniel went to Kentucky in 1795 when he was a youth. He studied law under the Honorable Henry Clay, served in Kentucky Legislature, and was elected to Congress.

In 1833 Henry Daniel retired from politics and engaged to a limited extent in rearing and breeding blooded horses. He raised a mare that he called Maria Louisa which became very distinguished among racers.

Jesse Daniel, son of James and Elizabeth (Montague) Daniel, married Frances Anderson Nelson. They lived in the Schollsville area and had a fine plantation located on the Clark and Montgomery County boundary. It was the center of lavish hospitality. Frances descends from the influential Nelson Family of Yorktown, Virginia. She is a descendant through one of the sons of Thomas Nelson, founder of Yorktown, Virginia.

The Daniel family was typical of many at that time who intermarried. One example is Jesse Daniel's daughter, Frances Anderson Daniel, who married her cousin, Pleasant Daniel, who was the son of Beverly Daniel. Beverly had married his cousin, Sarah Daniel, daughter of Charles Daniel and Sarah Tate.

Christopher Daniel
Christopher Daniel married Mary Mickelborough. Christopher moved to Caroline County, Virginia, and then to Spotsylvania County, Virginia, where he remained until his death in 1793.Christopher was a sergeant in the Spotsylvania County Militia. He was paid for supplies furnished to the militia in Spotsylvania County during the Revolutionary War. In the fall of 1779, Christopher was drafted, at the age of fifty years. His wife asked their son, Beverly Daniel, to substitute for his father which Beverley agreed to do. He answered to his father's name.Christopher's widow moved to Kentucky, where she died in Montgomery County, in 1806.

Beverly Daniel
Beverly Daniel moved to Caroline County from Middlesex County and next to Spotsylvania County, Virginia, about the time of the American Revolution. Beverly served in the Revolutionary War. Following the war he went to Kentucky with his cousins, children of James (1739) and Elizabeth (Montague) Daniel. In 1789 he went first to Fayette County, then Mercer County, Franklin County, and then Montgomery County.

The following is a letter about Beverly Daniel dated April 25, 1936 from the Veterans Administration Washington D.C. to Dr. George F. Doyle:
"He moved to Caroline County and thence to Spotsylvania County VA where he was living when he served with the Virginia troops, as follows: In the fall of 1779, his father was drafted (at the age of fifty years) and at his mother's wish he substituted for,and answered to his father's name, as a sergeant under Captain Towles and Major Towles and served two months; served two months as private under Captain Upshire and Colonel Matthews; in the spring of 1780, one month under Captain White; in the spring of 1781, two months under Captain Webband Colonel Edmonson, at Little Mountain he was transferred to Captain Duffy's company under General Wayne and was in the battle of Jamestown, where he was wounded in the leg, on arriving at Yorktown, he joined his own company and served two weeks longer, and later served two weeks longer at Yorktown under Captain White at the time Cornwallis surrendered. The soldier moved in 1789 from Virginia to Fayette County KY from there thence to Mercer, and from there to Franklin County, thence to Montgomery County KY. He was allowed pension on his application executed Dec 3, 1832, then a resident of Montgomery County KY. He had moved in 1844 to Sangamon County IL to reside near his children, but did not give their names. One James M. Daniel was of Sangamon County IL in October 1844; his relationship to the family not shown. The soldier returned to Montgomery County KY in 1845, his post office address then was Mt. Sterling KY. Achillis or A. C. Daniel was Justice of the Peacein 1845 in Montgomery County but it is not stated that he was related to the soldier. Beverley Daniel, Certificate #26542, Issued March 10, 1834,Rate $30.00 per annum to commence March 4, 1831, Act of June 7, 1832,Kentucky Agency." This letter is signed "A.D. Heller, Executive Assistant to the Administrator".
Beverly Daniel married Jane Hiatt. When his father, Christopher, died, Beverly was given guardianship of his younger siblings, among them Susannah Daniel who married William McGuire.

Beverly accompanied his cousins, sons of James Daniel and Elizabeth Montague to the Montgomery County area of Kentucky. In October, 1850, Beverly Daniel was sued by John M. Harris for 100 acres of land that had come from John Morton to Aaron Miller to Beverly Daniels in 1816. Beverly Daniels had assigned to John M. Harris in 1831 for $150.00. Beverly's daughter-in-law, Mary Daniel, took a deposition at Madison Stewart's in Montgomery County on April 22, 1847. She said Beverly gave John two certificates. The castings in the controversy were to be sold and the proceeds used as payment for the land where he was residing. Beverly could not pay for the land unless he got the castings at the Estill Steam Furnace. John M. Harris wanted Daniel to drink. John also got bed clothing, two cows, that Beverly's mother had given him on her deathbed. John took two "negroes" to Tennessee or Texas

Beverly and Jane's son, James Mickelborough Daniel married Anna Scholl, daughter of Abraham Scholl.

James Mickelborough Daniel
James Mickelborough Daniel was a shoemaker. His wife, Anna, was fifteen years of age when he married her. James was fifty-four years of age. The family moved to Powell County, Kentucky, where they were residing in 1870.

John Marcus Daniel
John Marcus Daniel, son of Beverly and Jane (Hiatt) Daniel, married his niece, Louisa Daniel, daughter of James Mickelborough and Anna Scholl.

On January 1, 1843, John was sued for divorce by wife, Louisa, on grounds of taking up with Polly Frailey, bringing home male infant. Apparently John had left Louisa and their six children for Polly and lived with her for three-four years years.

John was also was accused of breaking and entering his sister 's (Jane) property, causing $1,000 damage. On April 17, 1846, John was accused by his sister, Jane (Jincy) of throwing her out of the house. She went to neighbors. John was held on $100 bond to keep peace with all....esp. sister.

John served in the Mexican War as a doctor in the regiment of Winfield Scott. He was also a Regiment doctor in the Civil War (47th Kentucky Infantry). He held the rank of Lt. Colonel. He had studied medicine in London, England. After the war he settled in Hazard, Kentucky.

Other wives mentioned for John Daniel are (1) Minerva Bauer (2) P. Jackson and (3) Mary (Polly) Fraily. Susannah Daniel, daughter of Christopher Daniel and sister of the aforementioned Beverly Daniel, was born in Virginia and went to Kentucky with her family after her father died. She married William McGuire and moved to Missouri where he served as a state senator.

I started this work looking for information on my William McGuire, son of John McGuire. I found information on this family scattered throughout various libraries and on the internet. The trail led me to the family of James McGuire who fought and died at the Battle of Blue Licks but my dates did not fit with James' family. I then discovered there was a book written by Robert Standard on Edward McGuire of Winchester, Virginia, who had a son, John. This John was "was lost" to the family after the the Revolutionary War. I have deduced from my notes this John McGuire is my John McGuire..

Edward is an uncle to James McGuire of Blue Licks Battle. John McGuire is the father of William McGuire who married Susannah Daniel who is a member of the Daniel family of Clark County, Kentucky. The following are the sources of my information.


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