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18 April, 2003

Submitted by Janet Barnhill, BarnhillJ at tessco.com, 5/14/2008



Sources and Abbreviations Used:

A: Data supplied by Gregory Hurd Barnhill

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FTM CD#268: Scottish Immigrants to North America 1600s-1800s


FTM CD#185: Kentucky Genealogies # 1: checked 4/18/03

New Jersey

FTM CD#518: Colonial New Jersey Source Records: checked 4/18/03


FTM CD#121: Military Records: VA in the Revolution and War of 1812: eleven books: checked 4/21/03

FTM CD#162: Virginia Genealogies # 1; contains 5 volumes: checked 4/21/03

FTM CD#174: Virginia Vital Records # 1: contains 6 volumes: checked 4/18/03

FTM CD#186: Virginia Genealogies # 2: contains 6 volumes: checked 4/21/03

FTM CD#187: Virginia Genealogies # 3: contains 7 volumes: checked 4/21/03

FTM CD#191: Southern Genealogies # 1: contains 29 books by Boddie and Armstrong: checked 4/21/03

FTM CD#503: Virginia Colonial Records: contains 15 volumes: checked 4/21/03

FTM CD#510: Colonial Virginia Source Records; 10 volumes: checked 4/21/03


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N.B.: This line needs more work (especially the NJ generation)


1. ALEXANDER SCOBEE (#272 on Barnhill Ancestor Chart) was born 1685 and died c1722, all in Perth Amboy, Middlesex County. He married Ann Mariett Marlett, born 1685 in Raritan, Somerset co., NJ, dau. of Abraham Marlett, and Christina Billou (J).

            Alexander Scobie or Scobie, planter, died leaving a will dated 2 April 1722 and proved 16 June 1722. He named his wife Anne, and children John, William, Andrew, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, Margaret, and Ellinor (all under age). He named as executors his wife, his brother George Marlate, and Andrew Reidford.  William Hay, Alexander Clark, James Johnston and William Robertson witnessed the will.

            On 18 May 1722 Samuel Leonard and Peter White appraised the personal estate of Scobie at £120.11.6  (Middlesex Co. Wills A:224. Calendar of New Jersey Wills, 1670-1730, posted on AncestryPlus).  

            Alexander and Ann were the parents of the following children, all born in Perth Amboy (J):

            2. John, b. 1707.

            + William, b. 1709.

            + Andrew, b. 1711.

            + Elizabeth, b. 1713.

            + Anne, b. 1717, m. Richard Standley, Sr., before 1752 in Middlesex Co., NJ.

            + Margaret, b. 1719.

            + Eleanor, b. 1721.

            ? Alexander (not listed by Mauregard), m. Alice Williams, in Middlesex County, NJ, on 1 Oct 1745 (F:342).


2. JOHN SCOBEE (#136 on Barnhill Ancestor Chart) is stated to have been the son of Alexander (1) (E; J). He was born c1707 in Perth Amboy, NJ, (prob. not 1720 in Scotland) and died 1788 in Clark Co., KY. He m. 1st, on 20 July 1762 in Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., NJ, Elizabeth Warner (F:342). He married 2nd, on 20 July 1764, in Perth Amboy Nancy Russell, born 1732.

            However neither John or Robert Scobie appear in any of the volumes of Scottish immigrants published by David Dobson. (not found in H or I).

            He was the father of:

            3. Robert, b. 1775.


3. ROBERT SCOBEE (#68 on Barnhill Ancestor Chart), son of John (2) and Nancy (Russell), was born  in VA, according to the entry in 1880 census for his son, and died  20 Oct 1835, age 60 years. He was buried in Clark Co., KY.  On 11 Jan 1795, he married Elizabeth Brohard (K), born c1777 (in Germany according to entry in 1880 Census for her son), died 1 Jan 1846, age 69. She was buried in Clark Co., KY. (B:114; C: cites the Lexington Observer and Reporter of 11 Nov 1835 ). 

            Scobee was a Lieutenant in Capt. Robert E. Yates’ 3rd Co. of Lieut.-Col. Philip Barbour’s KY Regiment of Mounted Volunteer Militia, organized 31 Aug 1813 for the Thames Campaign. Later he was a Captain in the 7th Co. of Col. Francisco’s Regiment,  KY Militia (D:182, 190). [His descendants are eligible for membership in the National Society of War of 1812].

            A Robert and Caty Scobee witnessed the will of  Esther Patton on 23 Oct 1816 (“The Pattons: A Pioneer Family in Kentucky and Their Descendants. Genealogies of Kentucky Families (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co.)  2:17

            Robert and Elizabeth were the parents of (K):

            + Hannah, b. 10 Sep `1796, d. 13 Aug 1864, m. Philip Avery Grimes on 20 June 1815 in Clark Co., KY.

            + Stephen, b. 28 Feb 1798 in KY, d. 7 Nov 1854 in Monroe Co., MO,

            + James, b. 19 July 1800, d. 9 Dec 1822.

            + William B., b. 6 July 1802, d. 20 Oct 1890 in Montgomery Co., KY.

            + John, b. 11 Oct 1805 in Clark co., KY, d. 6 Nov 1877.

            + Christopher, b. 16 Nov 1806, d. 18 Nov 1884.

            + Rebecca, b. 1807, m. Jabez Dooley on 7 April 1831.

            + Kitty, b. 20 Sep 1808, m. Thomas Jefferson Grimes on 16 Jan 1827.

            + Elizabeth, b. 1810, d. 1811.

            + Reuben, b. 16 Dec 1811.

            + George, b. 25 March 1814, m. Johanna Dooley.

            4. Robert, b. 29 Nov 1818.

            + Samuel, b. 3 Nov 1819, m. Hannah A. Hall.


4. ROBERT SCOBEE (#34 on Barnhill Ancestor Chart), son of Robert (3) and Nancy, was born 29 Nov 1818 in Clark Co., KY and died  there on 26 April 1882. He married  there on 14 May 1846 (A; Clark Co. Order Book, 1830-1852).  Lucy Ann Pendleton, who was born 24 Aug 1827 in Clark Co., KY and died  there on 22 Dec 1854.  He married 2nd, Sarah [-], born 1820 in KY

            The 1880 Census shows him living at Blue Ball, Clark Co., KY. [62?] years old, a farmer, b. in KY (parents b. VA and Germany). With him were his wife Sarah, age 60, b. KY, and sister-in-law Mary T. Hunt, b. c1817 in KY, and a family of five blacks (1880 Census, National Archives Film T9-0409, page 389D; A; B: 115).

            Robert and Lucy were the parents of (K):

            + R. S.

            + Rezin A., b. 9 Sep 1839, m. Sarah A. King.

            5. Emma Amelia Scobee (#17 on Barnhill Ancestor Chart), was born 25 Feb 1854 and died 14 Feb 1930 in Marshall, MO, m. 16 Dec 1874 in Clark Co., KY, Joseph William Barnhill.

            ? others.





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