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2010 Titus County, Texas Queries


Date: 21 Nov 2010

Email: Doris Cooley Edmonds

Query: I need to find the burial records on my Brother-in-Law, Paul Edward Anderson, born 17 May 1928 in Morris County, Texas who died on 6 Jan 1993 in Titus, Texas. Could someone please tell me in which Cemeteries of Titus, Texas he might be buried?
Paul married my oldest Sister, Frances Novella Cooley in Marshall County, Alabama, in 1945.
Paul's Father was: William Franklin (sometimes shown as W. F.) Anderson. Paul's Mother was Hattie Killingsworth.
Paul's Texas Birth Index, 1903-1997, record is: Roll Number 1928_0001. The Texas Death Index, 1903-2000 shows "Paul Anderson, Death Date: 6 Jan 1993, Death County: Titus, Gender: Male." The Social Security Death Index for Paul shows: "Paul E. Anderson; SSN: 420-30-9086; Last Residence: 75456 Mount Pleasant, Titus, Texas, United States of America; Born: 17 May 1928; Died: 6 Jan 1993; State (Year) SSN issued: Alabama (Before 1951).
Thank you, in advance, very much for any guidance to Texas Cemeteries that you might be able to suggest to me!



Date: 21 Nov 2010

Email: Karen Ferguson Roach

Query: Looking for information on Great Grandfather Joe F. Ferguson born 1855 Mt.Vernon. Looking for information to connect My Joe Ferguson with William and Rebecca Fergerson (spelled differently) of Mt Vernon, Titus county. W and R Fergerson had son Joe in houshold born about 1855 according to the 1860 census. GGrandpa's death certificate indicates he was born in Mt Vernon on 12/29/1855. The only information about his parents on his death certificate is Father:?Ferguson Mother: ?Douglas, no first names. The only picture I have of him was a family photo taken in 1892. The 1900 census ( I am positive that this is him) indicates he was in Franklin county. I just didn't want to assume this was My Joe Ferguson without solid proof. Do you have any suggestions as to how to verify that this is my Great Grandpa Joe, and my GGGrandparents William and Rebecca Fergerson in that 1860 census?


Date: 03 Oct 2010

Email: Ralph K. Banks

Query: My Great-Great Grandfather Robert P. Banks I migrated from Alabama to Titus County, Texas sometime before 1880 and I would like to learn more specifics on when and through what points this migration occurred. We also do not know when G2Grandfather Robert P. Banks I deceased and if this decease occurred in Titus County.


Date: 18 Sep 2010

Email: Rory Bowers

Query: Isaac David SMITH and Nancy (BROOKS) SMITH.

Isaac David SMITH b. 1825 in So. Carolina married Nancy BROOKS in Dawsonville, Lumkin Co., GA. Jan. 22, 1850. Nancy BROOKS was b. 1827 the daughter of Aaron BROOKS and Elizabeth (HEATH) BROOKS in Rutherford Co. North Carolina. Isaac and Nancy had seven children; a. Frances Ann Josephine b. Sarah Jane c. Mary Lucenda (Lucy) d. Aaron Jefferson e. Isabella f. Samuel Moore and g. Isaac Joseph. Isaac Joseph SMITH married Frances Lannie HOLT in Madison County Alabama Feb. 4, 1889. They had four children; a.Isaac Dallas b. Katie Dovie c. Robert Samuel and d. Elsie O, who was born in Titus County in 1903. I hope to find any information on this family in Titus County. The children all eventually moved away to Oklahoma and Arkansas and the history of their parents becomes very sketchy. I am not a researcher and I am not seeking this information for compensation. Katie D. SMITH was my Great Grandmother. God rest her soul. Any help would be deeply appreciated.


Date: 09 Sep 2010

Email: Martha Greer

Query: I am trying to find someone to check to see if Thomas Rhea and Lollie Hunt were married in Titus County.  The date I have is 24 Dec 1905 but that could be incorrect.  If anyone has access to marriage book could they check to see if they are listed.


Date: 02 Sep 2010

Email: Marcia

Query: I'm looking for Willis Dean, b. 1777 in South Carolina, d. 1846, Titus, TX. He apparently moved to Texas from Tennessee late in life, and he is said to be buried in Titus, TX. How can I find out if he lived in Titus/is buried there? Thanks!


Date: 19 Aug 2010

Email: Billie Irene Kidwell Cason

Query: I am doing a family tree search on our family and need info. on the following family.
I have William Frank Greenlee, his father William A. Greenlee, John Calvin Greenlee. Need to know about ancestors or any other info.
Also anything on Eva Lena Redfern andher family. We use to live there before moving to California.


Date: 09 Aug 2010

Email: Lee Neskorik

Query: I am trying to find the parents of James David Knight born in 1867 in Dangerfield. Could you give me some direction as to where I might start for a birth certificate?


Date: 02 Aug 2010

Email: Bunny Cloud

Query: I am trying to locate information on the Samuel Cowley family that was there in 1900 and on the Mt. Pleasant census.
There daughter Euna Cowley was suppose to have been a "Belmont Beauty" what ever that was. any information will be appreciated.


Date: 15 Aug 2010

Email: Glenda Wall

Query: Obituaries for John D. Wright of Talco, TX and his descendants. Place of burial? A wright family private plot or Talco Cemetery?

Any info would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Date: 02 Jul 2010

Email: Glenn Peddy

Query: Mrs. J B (Onie) Campbell Edwards born May 31 1908 died April 12 2006. Her last rsidence was Mt Vernon TX. I would like to receive a copy of her Obit.


Date: 23 May 2010

Email: Larry Burford

Query: Hello, I am looking for decendents of Samuel Preston Reid. He was my GGG Grandfather. He was a Civil war soldier in Arkansas. He moved to Titus county and died there. I have posted a link to his grave below.
I want to try to find a relative that has a picture of him.


Date: 28 Apr 2010

Email: Ginger Runions

Query: I am looking for a relative that died in Titus co. Her name was Nelley Casteel, however I have found different spelling for last name. Nelly was born abt 1883 and died abt1905. I think she died of the flu. Husbands name was Henry, young son called Vernie. Sons name at birth was John Vernon Casteel.


Date: 05 Feb 2010

Email: George Dixon

Query: I am needing birth and information for John Henry Dixon born about 1859, Mississippi father. Married Nancy Octavia "kittie" Collins Tennesse father.

They are on 1880 Titus County Census. They had 10 Childern I believe and five survived after 1900.

James Arthur, born 1881 Titus County  died in Weatherford, Parker, Texas

Walter C Dixon born 1884 Titus Countydied 1971 Breckenridge Runnels Texas

Robert M Dixon, born 1891 Titus county no additional information

Ollie Dixon born 1893 Titus county, no additional information

William Hubert Dixon,my grandfather (W H) born 1899 died 1967 Balinger, Tx. Nancy " Kittie" died 15 Feb 1947 Weatherford Parker, Texas.

John Henry and family moved from Titus County around late 1890's and moved to Coleman, Wood, Stephens counties over the years. "Kittie's" death certificate shows her a widow, John Henry would of died prior to 1947. I would appreciate any assistance, Mic Barnette, genealogist in Dallas, any old Fraternity is assisting me incase you receive any correspondence from him.



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