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War of 1812

(Roster of Soldiers and Civil Offices)

The following are the Veterans of Wilkes County. If you know of a veteran not listed please email me and I will get it posted..

Thank You!

Sappington, Caleb 168th Militia Dist. May 11, l816
Wellborn, Johnson perform the duties of Sheriff Dec. 18, 1809
Davis, Joshua Lieut. 168th Militia Dist. May 11, 1816
Chaffin, Leonard 169th Militia Dist. May 14, 1816
Wellborn, Johnson Lt. Col. 4th Regt. of Calvary of Georgia Sept. 3,1811
Staten, Elisha Major 7th Squadron, 4th Regy of Calvary of Georgia Oct. 7, 1811
Stovall, Peter Major 4th Div. of Militia of Georgia Oct. 12, 1811
Heard, Stephen G. Lietu. 165 Company Dist of Militia of Georgia Jul. 7, 1811
Callaway, William J.P. 14th Dist. Jun 1811
Corbett, James J.P. Jun. 27, 1812
Staten, J. J.P Jul. 12 1811
Simpson, William J.P. in 167th Dist.  
Stovall, Drury J.P. in 164th Dist.  
Hillhouse, David P. J.P. 164th Dist.  
Callaway, Joshua J.P. 168th Dist.  
Miller, Samuel J.P. 171st Dist.  
Bayley, WIliam J.P.  109th Dist.  
Brown, Louis S. J.P. 164th Dist.  
Noles, John 169th Co. of Militia  
Evans, William J.P. Aug. 1, 1812
Render, James J.P. Jul. 7, 1812
Kain, Wm. J.P. May 20, 1809
Kelly, Joshua 165th Dist.  
Weems, Wm L. 166th Dist.  
Ivey, Charles 174th Dist.  
Frost, Jos. 169th Dist.  
Brown, Louis L. 164th Dist.  
Patton, Jacob 167th Dist.  




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