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 Lovic Pierce Ogletree

Bible Records

 Transcribed By Bob & Linda Ellis




W.T. & E Parker                                            Thomas H Murphy

was Married on                                                and Catharine J. Ogletree

the 6th of June 1838                                          was married December

                                                                        the 7th 1852



Lovic Pearce Ogletree                                   Wm. J. Johnson and

and Martha Ann Starr                                    Sarah W. Ogletree

were married the 31st                                        were married January

day of October A.D. 1837                               the 3rd 1858



Lovice P. Ogletree                                         H. P. Ogletree & Mrs

and Sarah Newton                                          N. J. Ogletree was married

were married the 5th                                          March the 19th 1865

of October 1852


Franklin Wadkins and                                    Wm. M. Crouch and

Martha G. Hightower                                    Charlotte F. Ogletree

were married Nov. 21,                         were married April 18th

1867                                                                1865


Benj. A. Ogletree and                                   

Mrs Charlotte F Crouch                               

daughter of L. P. &                                         

Martha A. Ogletree   were                            

married January 25th 1871



Births:                                                        Deaths:


W.T. Parker was                                                        Martha A. Ogletree

borned on the 9th of                                                      departed this life in

Decr. 1818                                                                   the A.D. of our Lord 1849

                                                                                    the 1st day of Dec.


Elvira Parker                                                              John G. Ogletree

Consort of W. T. Parker                                             departed this life

was borned on the 30th                                     January the 17th 1859

of Nov. 1820                                                              


Lovic P. Ogletree, son                                                Sarah Ogletree

of Abslum Ogletree &                                                2nd wife of L. P. Ogletree

Elender Ogletree, his wife                                         and daughter of Robt.

was borned August the 27th                                          & Margrett Gilkerson

1811 in Wilx Co. Ga                                                    departed this life

                                                                                    in the A.D. of our Lord

                                                                                    1885 August 23 in

                                                                                    Spalding Co. Ga.



                                                                                    Ellen Moor, wife

                                                                                    of Joe Moor & Sister

                                                                                    of Sarah Ogletree

                                                                                    departed this life in the

                                                                                    year of our Lord 1884

                                                                                    Dec. 3 day



Births:                                                                  Deaths:


Katharine Gillam Ogletree                                                    Sarah J.D. Murphy

daughter of L. P. Ogletree                                                       daughter of Thomas K. and

and Martha Ann his wife                                                         C.G. Murphy departed

was born the 22nd day                                                               this life October the 11th

of Nov. A.D. 1838                                                                   1861



Sarah Wingfield Ogletree                                                      Ernes T. Murphy departed

daughter of L.P. Ogletree                                                        this life Oct. the 21st

and Martha Ann his wife                                                         1862

was born the 19th day

of Nov. A.D. 1840



Philomon Ogletree son                                                           Thomas K. Murphy

of Lovic P. Ogletree and                                                        departed this life

Martha Ann his wife                                                                  the 26th of January

was born the 27th                                                                      in the year 1863

day of Nov. A.D. 1842



Charlott Francis                                                                     Wm. M. Crouch departed

Ogletree daughter of                                                               this life Oct. the 3rd

L.P. Ogletree and                                                                   1865

Martha Ann his wife

was born the 13th

day of Sept. 1845



Benjamin A. Ogletree                                                            Julia G. Coleman

was born the 12 of September                                                  departed this life in

1847                                                                                        The 2 year of life

                                                                                                June 8, 1878



Births:                                                                  Deaths:


Children of H. P. & N.J.



Martha Alice Ogletree was born                                           Wm. J. Johnson departed

September the 17th 1866                                                          this life on the --- day

                                                                                                Of January A.D. 1863

Fany Dana Ogletree 

Was born February the                                                             Timothy P. Ogletree was

12th 1868                                                                                 kill(ed) May the 23rd 1871       


Emma Jane Ogletree                                                             N. J. Ogletree wife of

was born September  the                                                          H. P. Ogletree, departed

23rd 1870                                                                                 this life July 22nd

                                                                                                1897 in Griffin, Ga.


Anny Cosimena Ogletree was born                                       H. P. Ogletree departed

September the 6th 1871                                                            this life Feb. 27, 1921

                                                                                                in Griffin


Marriages :


John Coleman &

Sarah Johnson were

Married January 16,1869


James M. Colman and

Kitty G. Murphy were

Married December 18th





Transcribed By Bob & Linda Ellis

From photocopies provided by Vivian Westmoreland  of Spalding Co. Ga.


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