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From Wilkes County, GA Loose Estate Records


Archelaus Harris deceased c. Nov 1792


Wilkes County, GA


This day came George Grisham, Solloman Thornton & Richd. Rivere three of the appraisers within mentioned  were legally qualified before me.  Given under my hand the 27th of Nov. 1792.


Warrant to Appraise

The Estate of

Archilus Harris decd.


Returned the 18th day of Decr. 1792


State of Georgia

Wilkes County


By David Terrell, Register of Probates for said County.


To George Gresham, Solomon Thornton, Richard Revear, Abner Webster and Phillip Combs.


These are to authorize you or any three of you to repair to all such parts and places in the County aforesaid, as you shall be directed unto by Hickerson Cosby, administrator of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits of Archelus Harris late of this County decd. where the goods and chattels, rights and credits of the said decd. may remain which shall be shewn unto you by the said administrator, and there view the goods and chattels, rights and credits of the said decd. being first sworn on the holy Evangalist of Almighty God to make a true and perfect Inventory and Appraisement thereof and cause the same to be returned under your hand or any three of you unto the said Administrator on or before the eighteenth day of Decr. Next ensuing.


Given under my hand and seal at my office the 18th day of November, A.D. one thousand seven hundred and ninety-two and of American Independence the Seventeenth.


                                                                                                D. Terrell, J.P.W.C.



An Inventory of the appraisement of the Estate of Archelus Harris Decd. shewn us by Hickerson Cosby done this 27th day of Novr. 1792.


To        A number of Carpender & Coopers old Tools                                      2:       0.0.

To        an old sadle & bridles                                                                                     10.0.

To        3 vollums of Westleys Notes                                                                          12.0.

To        2 hymn books & a prayer book                                                                         8.0.

To        2 old Bibles & a Testament                                                                               5.0.

To        1 lot of Chest hinges                                                                                         1.6.

To        1 Bay mare                                                                                          15:       0.0.

To        Cow & Calf an a yearling & Bell                                                            3:       0.0

                                                                                                                        21:     16.6

To                                                                                                                                  3.0

                                                                                                                        21:     19.6



                                                                                    George Gresham

                                                                                    Solomon Thornton

                                                                                    Richard Ri eer





An Inventory of the sale of all the Estate of Archiles Harris Decd. the 8th of January 1793


To        1 cow & yearling 41/               1 Heifer           2  5/                               3:       6.6

To        1 Bele        3/4     3 Planes  10/     1 Hansaer 7/    1 Tenant(?)  5/10        1:       6.2

To        1 Foot adds  4/2    1 Shoe Hamer    2/     Sundry Coopers Tools  5/6                       11.8

To        1 Plow Plain  4/10   Sundry Plaines    7/3                                                       12.1

To        1 Jack Plain   1/3   1 Broad Axe         5/2       Rabbit Plain   2/                        8.5

To        1 Square & compass   2/4    4 agors  4 Chissles & 1 gouge   20/6          1:       2.10

To        5 files         5/         2 Gemblets & a chisel   2/6    1 Saroset  - 6                       8.

To        Timber axletree & Spindle of a wheel                                                              2.

To        1 Cross Cut Saw    11/     To Sundry Books     29/4                               2:         .4

To        1 Grind Stone         17/6       1 Saddle & Bridle     13/                           1:     10.6

To        1 Mare                                                                                                   15:       0.0

                                                                                                                        26:       8.0


Recorded April 16th, 1794



The Estate of Archilas Harris Decd.


1792                                        To        Hickerson Cosby Admr

                        To paid David Terrill  Exer. Register                                       1:       8.0

1793                To paid John Terrell on per Note                                              15:       0.0

Jany 15th          To Cash paid Francis Smith per Note                                         7:       4.3

July 3rd             To paid Serrod B. Shapard as per acct                                       5:       5.5

                        To cr. Harris receipt & c

                        To cash pd. Benj. Grisham for a Bacc.(?) _______                              7.

                                    _________ to Lee __________                                                         

                        To paid Richard Reveer for a coffen                                                  15.0

                        To my acct. against the Estate & c.                                           6:        8.8

                        To 2160# Tobo. (tobacco) paid Thomas Wingfield on amt of a

                                    Jusdment obtained by E. Herndon vs. E. Harris          20:       5.2


                                                                                                                        56:     14.1



                        By the amount of the sail of the Esate                                   26:       8.

                        By _________ of Tobo.  1100 lb. Neet sold for                        7:       4.3

                        By Cash of Elijah Johnston                                                        1:       0.0

                        By James(?) in parte of his debt                                                         17.

                        By Richd. Revears Note of hand    2000 lb. Tobo.

                        By Int. on         do                            160      2160  18/8.          20:       3.2

                                                                                                                        55:     12.5



Personally appeared before me Hickerson Cosby, Admr. Of the Estate of Archilus Harris decd. and being duly sworn saith the above is a just and true account of the Rects & Expenditures of the Estate of said decd.


Sworn to before me                                                                Hickn. Cosby

This 16th day of Apr. 1794

D. Terrell, J.P.



Archelaus Harris Promissory Note to John Terrell  -   5 March 1792


I promise to pay or cause to be paid unto John Terrell on his order on or before the 25th day of Decr. next the full and just sum of Fifteen pounds lawfull money of the State of Georgia for value received of him to which payment well and truly to be made.  I bind myself my heirs Executors and Administrators in the penal sum of Thirty pounds of the like money.  In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 5th day of March 1792.



John Talbot                                                                 Archelaus Harris



GA Archives Dr. 241, Box 71

Wilkes County Loose Estate Papers

Transcribed by Bob & Linda Ellis


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