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Kettle Creek Battlefield

Submitted by Christina Palmer

Historical Markers: The first  marker is on Hwy 44 and the second is at the Kettle Creek Battle Field.

     One and one-half miles north and one-half mile west is War Hill site of the battle of Kettle Creek one of the decisive battle of the Revolutionary War.

     It was at Kettle Creek, on February 24 1779, that Col John Dooly, Col. Elijah Clark and Col. Andrew Pickens defeated over whelmingly a supior number of tory forces, turning back forever the British troops in Upper Georgia.

     The Battle of Kettle Creek, fought here on February 14 1779, was one of the most important battle of the Revolutionary War in Georgia. At the time, the State was almost completely under British control. Col. Boyd, with 600 British sympathizers (Loyalists or Tories) cross the Savannah River into present day Elbert County en route to the British Army then at Augusta. Patriots Cl. Andrew Pickens with 200 S.C. militia and Col. Dooly and Lt. Col. Elijah Clark with 140 Georgia militia marched to overtake the Loyalists. On the morning of the 14th, Boyd and his men were camped here at a bend in the then flooded Kettle Creek. Their horses were grazing, sentries were posted, and most of the men were slaughtering cattle or searching for food. The Patriots attemped to attack the Loyalist camp by surprise but failed and a desperate battle raged on both sides of the creek for three hours before the Loyalists finally broke and fled. Col.. Boyd and 20 of his men were killed and 22 captured. Pickens and Dooly lost seven men killed and 14 or 15 wounded. Pickens later wrote that Kettle Creek, "was the severest check and chastisement, the Tories ever received in South Carolina or Georgia.

Kettle Creek Battlefield Entrance


The above markers on the entrance gate.    


This monument was erected to honor those who fought at Kettle Creek.


Another Monument at Kettle Creek with a saying on each side.


The following commerative markers were in a small plot at the top of Kettle Creek.

Travis McLendon 1758 1835

US Army

Revolutionary War

Jacob McLendon 1715 1793

US Army

Revolutionary War

John Wright 1729 1831

2nd LT.

Continental Lines

Revolutionary War

Delphia Henderson Peteet     Placed in front of Richard Peteet Marker       
Richard Peteet 1750 1827

PVT VA Militia

Revolutionary War

Samuel Whatley Mar. 2, 1762 Oct. 3, 1826


Revoluntionary War

Georgia Line under the Command of Col. Elijah Clarke

Capt. Micajah Williamson.

Buried Taliaferro County, Georgia

Catharine Anglin Whatley May 10, 1762 Aug 7, 1857 Wife of Samuel Whatley
William Heard 1750 1825

Continental Lines

Revolutionary War

Archibald Simpson 1750 1828

PVT GA Troops

Revoluvtionary War

John Johnson Mar. 28, 1764 Jan. 14, 1828

3rd GA Batt.

Continental Lines

Revoluntionary War

Lewis Flemister    


7 VA Regt

Revolutionary War

John Lindsey    


GA Mil.

Revolutionary War

John Shank 1761 1835

In Memoriam

Revolutionary War

Soldier in the Command of Gen. George Rogers Clark

James Cartledge 1755 1845


1st Battalion Richmond Co Militia

Minute man under Col. Elijah Clark


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