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Early Records of Georgia

Volume 1, Wilkes County

abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson,

published in 1933 at Macon, GA

 Submitted by Christina Palmer

Thank you to Donna & CJ Crawford & Jennifer Reddish for your transcription assistance.



Land Lotteries, 1827


The land disposed of by this lottery embraced the five original counties of Muscogee, Troup, Coweta, Lee, and Carroll counties. This territory was ceded by the Indian Springs Treaty February 12, 1825.

Those eligible for participation were white males over 18, who had been

Page 347

residents of the state three years. Revolutionary soldiers, widows of Revolutionary soldiers, orphans, soldiers of late wars with Great Britain and Indians and others who had not drawn land in previous lotteries.

Two loose sheets, different paper and handwriting.

List of persons entitled to draw in the present contemplated Land Lottery, who have given in their names since the 9th. Inst. up to this day Feb. 15, 1827. Soldiers who served three months or more.

  Draws   Draws
Plumb, David 1 Hixson, Timothy 1
Flournoy, Samuel, crippled in service also 2 Murden, John 1
Hill, Peter 1 Ray, John, single man 1
Gresham, John 1 Wootten, John T. got married since 1
Weems, Walter H. 1 Hood, Rebecca, wid. & w. r. s. 2

     We do certify that the above contains all persons entitled to a draw or draws in our Dept., who have given in their names until the last day prescribed by law.

                                              D. BRUCKNER 
                                              JOHN WILKINSON

     Filed in the Clerks Office of the Superior Court Feb. 15, 1827.

                                              JOHN DYSON, Clerk.

     List of persons entitled to a draw for service. All served three months, all had one draw.

  Draws   Draws
Devant, James 1 Woodroff, Richard 1
Philips, Yearby 1 McGehee, John S. 1
Eckles, Joel 1 Carter, Thomas A. 1
Rose, Henry 1 Long, Richard A. 1
Pullin, John 1 Colly, James 1
Lackey, William 1 Jossey, Henry 1
Wolf, Andrew, Jr. 1 Adams, Joseph 1
Crane, Joshua R. 1 Wise, John 1
Callaway, Joseph M. 1 Rutledge, William O. 1
Henderson, Henry 1 Callaway, Barham 1
Orr, Philip 1 Nelson, Charles H. 1
Gibson, Sylvanus 1 Moore, Seaborn 1
Sutton, Joel B. 1 Armor, Robert 1
Slaton, Arder 1 Hancock, William 1
Devaux, William 1 McLaughlin, James 1
Little, Archibald 1 Gresham, William 1

Page 348

  Draws   Draws
Calaway, Enoch 1 Sneed, A. H. 1
 Bradford, Richard 1  Trammel, Elisha 1
Phillips, Jonathan 1 Lester, Jacob 1
Brown, John D. 1 May, Solomon 1
Chatham, Joseph  1 Brown, James 1
Gibson, Chasteen 1 Thompson, John D. 1
Martin, Marshall  1 Faver, Matthew 1
Hudspeth, Richard 1 Jones, William 1
Warthen, Theophilus 1 Holtzclaw, Henry 1
Cofer, Joseph B. 1 Combs, Capt. Philip, Jr. 1
Fanning, Bryan 1 Wilkinson, John 1
Hood, Joel 1 Hill, Wylie 1
Milner, John B. 1 Boswell, Charles 1
Poss, Henry 1 Arnold, Solomon 1
Turner, Luke  1 Cade, Bedford 1
Wheatley, Jesse 1 Echols, James 1
Coats, Lesley 1 Hurley, James, Jr. 1
Anderson, John R. 1 Gardner, Samuel 1
Berry, Thomas 1 DuVies, Charles 1
Bailey, George 1 Colly, Francis 1
Bailey, Russell 1 Runnels, Hugh 1

The above names were sent on the 9th. of Feb. 1827 by F. G. Hay.



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