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Groom Bride Date Book Notes:
Billingslea, Francis Vandeman, Jane 21 Dec. 1797 Original Marriage Bonds Marriage Contract all property t be divided among the heirs of each, and not to go to each other. John Ringo, Stephen Evans, and Winston Bennett, Sec.
Blalock, David Florence, Peggy 11 Mar. 1796 Original Marriage Bonds Andrew Wells, Sec.
Baldwin, John Welborn, Rachel 25 Jan. 1796 Original Marriage Bonds  
Brown, Phillip Thurman, Sarah 24 Mar. 1796 Original Marriage Bonds Thos. Wooten, Sec.
Buchanan, David Cunningham, Elizabeth 17 Feb. 1796 Original Marriage Bonds Elijah Reeves, Sec.
Brewer, Barrett Pollard, Melindy 12 Feb. 1794 Original Marriage Bonds John Hammell, Sec.
Burroughs, Acquilla Parks, Peggy 06 Dec. 1792 Original Marriage Bonds Joseph Echols, Sec.
Brown, Charles M. Tillory, Betsy 20 Feb. 1792 Original Marriage Bonds Jas. Rutledge, Sec.




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