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Petition for Incorporation

The Gazette Chronicle

Published: 04 January 1905

Transccribed by: Christina Palmer



To the Superior Court of said Court:

The petition of James Himes, of said

state and county, Mississippi, and Chatham

county, Georgia, respectfully shows;


First. That they desire for themselves,

their associaties and successors, to be

incorporated under the name and style of

"Himes-Semmes Hardware Company, "

for the period of twenty years with th

privilege of renewal at the expiration of

that time.


Second. That they desire the principal

office of said corporation to be in the city

of Washington, Wilkes County, Georgia,

with the right to establish branch offices

and agencies, and conduct business in

such other placesin Georgia, and else

where,  as the officers or directors of

the corporation may seem expedient.


Third. That the object of said corporation

is pecuniary gain to the stockholders.


Fourth. That the particular business

which said corporatio will carry on is

the hardware business, and petioners

desire that said corporation be empowered

to buy, sell and in every way deal

in hardware and in all kindred lines of

goods; ware and merchandise; to acuire,

own and dispose of patents, trade marks

and copyrights; to engage at any time in

the manufacture of such articles as are

sold by the trade, and the same to discontinue

at will; and in any way and

every way to deal in such real and personal

property as may be deemed necessary

or desirable in connection with said,



Fifth. That the capital stock of said

corporation will be the sum of $6,000.00

divided into shares of $100.00 each fully

paid up; but petitionersdesire that said

corporation be empowered to increase the

same from time to time, in accordance

with the by-laws to any sum not exceeding

$60,000.00 and to decrease the same

in like manner, but not below the original



Sixth. Wherefore petitioners prat an

order incorporating said Himes-Semmes

Hardware Company, as above expressly

set forth, with all the powers common to

corporations and the power to borrow

corporations on such terms, and secure the

same in such manner as its directors may

deem proper, and also the power to form

 partnerships and other business connections

with individuals and corporations,

and to take stock in incorporatedcompanies

, and with all other rights and

powers that a natural person could have

or exercise in and about said business

which are not expressly prohibited by

law to corporation


I.T. Irvin, Jr.

Petitioners Attorney


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